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Even Local Business Needs Online Marketing Today

Welcome to Feasible Marketing.

I am Joe Lee. I provide freelance service in producing online video, creating social media pages and designing websites.

Online marketing is essential for businesses today. Gone are the days where online marketing is only for the big companies or multinational corporations. Even local businesses, such as plumber, hair salon, insurance agents, local real estate agents, dentists, chiropractors, etc, require online marketing to reach more prospects. Local businesses with online marketing do get more calls and inquiries than those without.

In particular, video marketing and social media play such vital roles in a business that those who have them will be steps ahead of their competition. This is more so ever since the emergence of the pandemic COVID-19.

We have witnessed how COVID-19 has changed the way we used to live and do business. Businesses which ignore or delay their online presence, can no longer afford to stay indifferent anymore. With the closure of so many businesses as a consequence of the pandemic, companies big or small need to establish their online marketing fast before the competition grabs a bigger share of the cake. has been around for more than a decade. Through this website, I have been providing freelance services all these years. When I started out back then, I was only partially online with majority of my clients within the reach of having face-to-face meeting at their premises. In recent years the way of doing business have changed drastically, in that all my services are online now, meaning no more meeting face-to-face, except through zoom.

While you are here, do take some time to check out my services, as they are down-to-earth and affordable. You will notice I also promote tools which are useful for your marketing team, if you do have one. These tools are not created by me. When you do purchase them, the customer service will be provided by the inventor. So, do take note of that as I am also a user of these tools.

Virtual marketing tools, especially software, whether installed or hosted in a cloud platform, are becoming an essential part of a business' marketing support infrastructure. Even the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, considered bot as the future of internet world. Bot is indeed the direction of the internet world. We are living in an era, where dealing with real human being is becoming less and less. Like it or not, this is how the internet world will be. Bots are used to interact, at least initially, with a prospect visiting a website. Bots are used to collect prospects' contact information and answer common inquiries before the sales people enter the scene for further follow-up.

Many advanced, high tech, science fiction stuffs we see in movie are in the real world today. In fact, so many of the high tech inventions we see in movie, are already being invented, though they have been exaggerated for entertainment. It is only a matter of time we see the common adoption and commercialization in the real world.

Nevertheless, I hope you as an individual or business owner realizes the need to shift our paradigm towards what the future will be. And that future is already here. Many are reluctant to accept the fact that marketing is done using bots. Believe it or not. We are being marketed through bot. If you are a Facebook user, you will realize that relevant advertisements are shown to you based on what you have clicked before. YouTube will show you videos based on what you have watched before. Your search behavior in Google is also being monitored by bots.

Finally, thanks for dropping by. I hope you will find one or two things useful to you in this site.

Video Marketing

Video is the best tool you can have to grab your prospects' attention on the internet these days. Without video, you will likely lose your potential customers.

Social Media

Social media are like your marketing arms. They are your hands to reach out to the prospects. Your social presence is crucial in the integrity of any business today

Web Design

Your website is a platform for you to provide solid evidence of your presence. THe website together with your social presence will exude confidence for your customers in the virtual world.


Here you can find many tools that will make your marketing easier. Tools that help you to produce materials for your online marketing effort. You will find many video tools under this section

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